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Crow Does… Recycling

26 December 2010

I gave myself permission to play! What about you?

I gave myself permission to play! What about you?

Well hello and caw! Hope you had a fun Christmas?! We had fun, out in the field watching the silly pigeons trying to pull crackers and scaring themselves to death each time one went *Bang!* …Hilarious! You had to be there!

By the way, I meant the crackers going *bang* and not the pigeons! Caw!

So this is my last blog post for a while as Richard is insisting that he’s coming back next week. I think he’s going to be talking about mince pies…they’re his favourite subject at the moment!

And thinking of food, these days after the Big Bash are all about leftovers aren’t they? Lots of bits of this and portions of that being reheated and enjoyed in all sorts of odd combinations.

So in the spirit of post-Christmas recycling I thought I’d choose two of my favourite posts from the site. It’s what that lazy, mince-pie-munching ‘thinker of great thoughts’ Richard would approve of. Caw! They’re great little posts, but don’t tell Richard, or he’ll get all puffed up!

Here they are:

Why Twitter Works

…Which is all about why Twitter works. I like Twitter, but it’s not for all birds. Pigeons just don’t have the personality for it.

You Have Permission

…Which is all about giving yourself the chance to get on with life. It’s an interesting list that you can choose from. Caw! I chose them all! Which one did you like?

Well that’s me all done for a bit now. I’m off to annoy some pigeons, but I may come back again.

As this is the last post of 2010, Richard would like me to say Happy New Year to you. We both wish you a permission filled 2011…!!

Caw caw! Thanks for being with us this year! Bye!

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You Have Permission

3 November 2009

A Triumph Drool

A Triumph Drool

To smile.

To be good enough.

To say ‘No’ or ‘Not Yet’.

To share a feeling with a special friend.

To arrive early and enjoy feeling calm.

To find a way of making a dull job fun.

To stop and think for a minute.

To stop and do something different.

To be proud of what you do really well.

To admit that you’re really talented.

To get help.

To admit ignorance.

To enjoy being you.

To spend an extra five minutes with someone you love.

To start a new project.

To feel scared, get support and get going.

To buy a motorbike and drive safely…

This list was inspired by my friend Fallah, who wanted a book of permissions. Here is a start! 

Please let me know if you would like permission for something and I will add it to the list.

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