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How Fatigued Are You?

20 July 2020

I wonder that energy comes in two levels. I’ve been wondering this for some time now.

There is surface energy, the sort we use to get through another day, perhaps helped along by another cup of tea.

And then there is deep energy, our underlying well spring that bubbles up and tops up our surface energy.

We can be great at keeping going through a tough week, riding the demands of clients and family life and yet if we don’t take care of ourselves our deeper levels can become depleted.

I’ve been changing my sleep patterns as a result of this wondering.

Instead of staying up late to write ‘just one more email’ I’ve been switching off my phone and going to bed early.

I never usually go to bed early and have a habit of not wanting to say goodbye to the current day. However, I’ve noticed that if I do get to sleep in good time, I like waking earlier than usual and saying hello to the new day.

This has been something of a surprise to me and I’m enjoying the experience and the change.

If we put it into numbers then sleep for 6 hours is enough to give us a rest and recharge our surface energy. Sleeping for 8 hours, maybe 10 hours, gives us an extra 2 to 4 hours that starts to refill our deep energy.

Studies suggest that 8 hours is a minimum and the experience of friends and colleagues suggests that few people actually achieve that on a regular basis.

This is why I’ve started to ponder on there being 2 sources of energy for us.

It has enabled me to notice that my deeper levels have become depleted, thanks in part to the stress of lockdown and the business changes that has enforced.

I like my new sleep pattern changes and feel better for them. The week doesn’t feel such a race anymore, particularly towards the end of a week when the previous restful weekend is a distant memory.

Weeks are short when compared to a life and yet in the moment we have to focus, be able to think clearly and have the resources inside us to add value to our work and make good decisions.

It’s hard to do that if we are deeply fatigued and so the need to be thoughtful about our energy is important.

Having a self belief that we are tough, don’t need sleep, or must keep going might make us feel heroic on a daily basis, but long term is counterproductive.

Believing that we are important and that our health counts opens the door to more rest, better and longer sleep and a healthier life.

I’ve been shifting my own belief patterns and enjoying the benefits of that.

So, I wonder how fatigued you are? What beliefs do you need to confront and update?

We are all important. We can all ponder our deep energy reserves and take steps to allow them to recover.

What will you do?

Rest well and keep well.

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