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Asking Is Adult

8 February 2021

I love to learn. I remember 18 years ago, when I started my business, that I did some training and thought …aha now that’s done I can save money next year.

Then I realised …aha I need to keep training, to keep expanding my skills.

I’ve never stopped training. The investment in personal and skill development has been central to my business and I love it.

I see the cost as an investment and not an expense.

The world moves on and if we don’t move with it then we may get left behind, which in business terms means being out-competed.

New learning doesn’t have to be complicated either and I’m a fan of simple tips and gentle nudges.

One of my favorite things is learning to ask for help.

That sounds so simple and is something we easily encourage children to do. How many of us, as adults, know the theory here and yet fail to enact it?

Asking for help is an adult thing to do. It can take courage to ask, if we fear humiliation in exposing our vulnerability.

I’ve asked for help and been rewarded with compassion and kindness and support. I know that I don’t have to know everything and that it’s okay to find support if I’m in a stuck place.

So, this week who do you need to speak with? If you’re okay, maybe a colleague needs a friendly nudge?

Being an adult is more than turning 21 and ploughing on with life. We can be at peace with our vulnerability and take care of ourselves.

Many people know me as a business coach and I’m also a psychotherapeutic counsellor too.

Imagine that you have a counselling hour booked with me this week. What would you talk about? What questions would you be asking?

Keep well!


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