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Happiness Through Cleanliness

26 July 2020

It turns out, to nobody’s surprise, that if you leave a boat bobbing about for a few months it goes a bit green.

This is not an attractive look.

Boats are rarely green, in the way cars are rarely pink. It just doesn’t suit them, in my opinion.

Cleaning a boat is harder than cleaning a car though. Cars are designed with smooth surfaces, whereas boats are designed with endless little nooks and features, all there to trap as much dirt as possible.

To clean a boat thoroughly you need a mop, some water and a friend. If you were really organised you’d have two friends, so that way could promote yourself to supervisor and supervise their scrubbing.

Sadly, lacking a friend to the tune of one, I pitched in and mopped away.

My boat, the boat in question, is now clean and although not totally sparkly, does look and feel much happier. As does her owner.

Doing something that changes or enhances something else can improve our sense of well-being.

We can take pride in our work and enjoy the happy transformation from green back to white. (Most boats are white where mine is moored).

Even giving our desk a little tidy up is a good thing.

It helps to restore a sense of calm and makes us feel more in control. It counters some of the stress of being buffeted by external forces, and time taken to dust and polish things is time well spent.

So, one route to happiness is through cleanliness. And I am even happier now, having treated the car to a car wash as well.

I wonder what needs a clean up next?

If you’re feeling a bit down, or lost, then maybe take time to organise your world, throw out the rubbish you really don’t need and go mad with a duster.

A clean space tends to be a happy space and the person in it a happier soul.

What could you tidy up this week?

Keep well and happy cleaning!

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