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Switch Off Sunday

20 September 2020

Laptops are good things. Portable, powerful and practical, they are the indispensable companion of many business people.

Like smartphones, it’s hard to remember what life was like before they existed.

Hmmm….let’s ponder that. What was life like?

Well now, the working day finished around 5.30pm and that was that. No weekend emailing and no sneaky PowerPoint slides to rack up in the evening.

Now that we have laptops we can pitch camp wherever we are and set up our office, which these days means at home for many of us.

Work…home ….home…work.

Often practical and sometimes messy, with no clear boundaries between them.

My own laptop has been in the laptop garage for an upgrade and so the weekend has been a quiet and peaceful space.

I will own up that I’m not good at switching off at 5.30pm …or 6.30 …or 11.30 and although I love my work I could be better at pulling the plug on work sometimes.

So, this weekend I’ve had Switch Off Sunday …no laptop, no emailing,

Perhaps I should have called this post Switch On Sunday …in terms of switching on a day of rest.

Either way, we all need time away from our desks and our smartphones and to hold the boundary between work and rest, office and home.

Oh and blogging doesn’t count as work…I love being a writer, so all is good!

Keep well and keep taking a break!


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