Richard Maun – coaching


Richard is ethical, safe and highly creative.

He builds confidence and generates options, untangles deep personal blocks, promotes clear thinking and provides new perspectives.

The organisation is the client, which means that Richard operates for the good of the organisation.

Coaching sessions can include:

  • Practical discussions and problem solving
  • Grounded discussion of corporate reality
  • Space for thinking and reflection
  • Specific training inputs for key skills
  • Rehearsal of conversations
  • Option generation
  • Task planning and goal setting
  • 3-way discussion + feedback from sponsor
  • LaunchPad traits/states personality profile

richardmaunContact Richard today and book a free Skype session to discuss how confidential coaching could benefit your business.


Richard works co-actively, with an OK-OK attitude.

Clients can stop a programme when their goals have been met, even if this comes after only one session.

Clients can choose from one of the standard corporate programmes, or can build their own.

Options can include:

Unlimited support

All clients receive unlimited telephone and email support between face-to-face sessions.

Skype coaching

Skype eliminates travel time, is confidential and enables you to get support wherever you are.

Scoping session

1 x 3-hour session to assess client needs and responsiveness to coaching style.

LaunchPad profile

Designed for work-place coaching and includes Belbin roles, Learning styles, Conflict handling style, work preferences and more.

Short programme

4 x 3-hour sessions + 2 month learning gap + 2 x 3-hour follow up sessions.

Medium programme

6 x 3-hour sessions + 2 month learning gap+ 2 x 3-hour follow up sessions.

Long programme

12 x 3-hour sessions, spread over a 12 to 14 month period.


Richard works with senior managers and business owners to enable them to develop their skills, their people and their business.

He applies 3-level contracting, multi-party contracting and psychological distance concepts to build robust learning contracts.

No contract – no coaching.

Richard developed a unique process tool – ILpOA – to reflect the fact that coaching is a learning experience. He also draws on other tools from Transactional Analysis and Lean Thinking and is able to work at a deeper level with clients to make lasting changes.

  • Really powerful
  • Genuinely transformative
  • Full of learning points
  • Life changing
  • Truly inspiring

…Are some of the ways clients have described Richard’s work with them.

Richard has developed leaders at, Rolls Royce, Guys & St Thomas’ Hospital Trust, Cranfield University, Schroders Bank, Institute of South West TAFE and The National School of Government (Cabinet Office).

His Skype coaching has benefited clients in Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Scotland, Australia and across England.

His unique Affirmations for Organisations model was presented at the World TA Conference, in Edinburgh in 2005.

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