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ILM: Level 5 Coaching

A unique L5 Certificate with TA content and unique Skype L5 delivery. It’s a high level coaching qualification that can be delivered directly to your desk, for time-efficient and safe learning.

ILM: TA Tools for Coaches

This 3-day ILM Endorsed course enables coaches to develop their skills at a deeper level. Find out how to use working styles, permissions, crossed transactions and more.

ILM: TA for Leaders

This ILM Endorsed course gives people a greater awareness of their working styles, the opportunity to deepen their emotional intelligence, strategies to increase effective communication skills and practical options to lead themselves and others more productively when under pressure.

ILM: The Added Value Leader

A unique ILM Endorsed course that combines modern leadership styles with lean process improvement techniques and TA based communication skills. Leads teams, improve processes and reduce waste! Are your leaders really adding enough value?

Career MOT

How healthy is your modern career? Book a Skype session and resolve issues, develop skills and plan for the future. Includes the unique Organisational Impact Score assessment. Take care of your career and it will take care of you.

How to get a £100k job

The essential executive support package for ambitious people. Build your confidence, hone your job hunting skills, develop your added-value interview answers, think about strategy and defeat the killer questions that stand between you and your £100k job.

Book Resources

For copies of all book resources please contact Richard.


Complete set of 10 packs

Affirmations for Organisations Model

Promote and support personal growth and development. Improve leadership style, team dynamics, and organisational culture.

4 pages

Coaching 1

Suitable for people who want to learn about coaching as client or coach. Contains myths, process models, great questions and more.

9 pages

Coaching 2

Advanced coaching techniques including powerful questions and three-level listening.

4 pages

Time Management

Practical tips including the Drivers Model – the best way to discover what gets in your way. Improve stress related behaviour and learn to manage time well.

12 pages


Develop your networking tecniques with these essential skills and tools needed for success, including how to construct a 60-second pitch.

7 pages


Contracting is a fundamental part of Transactional Analysis. Clear and mutually agreed contracts are the bedrock of success. This pack contains information about 3-Level contracting and has 2 sample outlines.

5 pages


People need recognition to stay on side and motivated. A stroke is a unit of recognition and stroking is the act of using strokes. This pack contains an overview of strokes and invites you to think about what you do.

5 pages

Communication Skills

From Ego States to emails and Transactions to team briefings, this pack has something to say. There are practical tips, exercises and a wide range of handouts all in one convenient place.

14 pages

Process Improvement

A collection of handouts that cover waste reduction and workplace organisation. There are also tips to help people get started on the road to improved performance.

6 pages


Psychological Games are played all the time, both at home and work. We play them without realising it and we play them over and over. Learn about game types and begin to find ways of avoiding them with this pack.

5 pages



Riding the Rocket

How to manage your Modern Career

Published 2013 Marshall Cavendish



Building the Rocket

Foundations for Success: The Companion E-book to Riding the Rocket

Published 2013 Marshall Cavendish



Bouncing Back

How to get going again after a career setback

Published 2012 Marshall Cavendish



How to Keep Your Job

Brilliant ways to increase performance, stay employed and keep the money rolling in

Published 2011 Marshall Cavendish



Job Hunting 3.0

Secrets and skills to sell yourself effectively in the Modern Age

Published 2010 Marshall Cavendish



My Boss is a Bastard

Surviving turmoil at work

Published 2006 Cyan Books and Marshall Cavendish


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