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Our Happy Valentines Modern Career

12 February 2012

A heart made from the love seeds of the sage tree. The seeds bring love and peace to people who have them.

It would seem that poor old Valentine is having to do a full week of work this year as people extend V-day into a week of loving celebration and generally lovin’ it up. And there is nothing wrong with that – if you love someone and can’t tell them this week, in the face or massive commercial prodding, then maybe you have a problem. However, as well of thinking about others, we also need to think about ourselves and the work we do.

In our Modern Career we might have several job changes, work for a variety of organisations and/or have several mini-careers that follow each other like a crocodile of happy children all holding hands.

If we love our work then life is sweet and the days speed by. If we don’t, then life is a prison sentence and we spend 40 to 60 hours a week locked up longing for escape.

I love what I do and enjoy the helter-skelter imbalance of coaching sessions, training work, being writer-Rich and being radio-Rich. It wasn’t always like that and I hated my first few jobs and struggled with work for many years …until I learned to love myself and to do work that I love.

Rather than focusing on where we are now, as we’re already here, let’s wind forward to next year …and ask ourselves:

1) What am I going to be doing this time in 2013?

2) What am I going to do maintain the love I already have, or to find something new to love?

In this week of Valentines we can learn to love ourselves and to recognise that we’re super people who work hard and can enjoy a great modern career. As for me, I shall be loving an Eccles cake on Tuesday. Mmmm …cake! I love that too!

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The Joy Of… (2)

14 August 2011

If life is a wine glass... what do you fill yours with?

If life is a wine glass... what do you fill yours with?

…Being lovely. I’ve had a great week and it’s because I’ve offered time and energy to all sorts of people. I’ve cooked dinner for someone who needed a good chat, reviewed a report for someone who wanted to hone their argument and had a lovely breakfast meeting to say ‘thank you’ to a friend who has worked hard for me.

And I purchased three books from a charity shop (and overpaid for them) and then bought a Big Issue from a very polite seller in town.

It’s been a good week and making people smile has been worth the time. I’ve had lots of great conversations with lovely people, learned a few things and enjoyed myself.

And my to-do list is as long as ever, but life is like that. Sometimes we have to put others first, be helpful and offer loveliness into the world.

So, this week when someone asks for your help, or needs a boost, give them your time and freely share your skills. It doesn’t matter whether these people are at home or at work… putting loveliness into the world makes our life a rich and rewarding place to be.



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