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Crow Does… Authenticity

12 December 2010

C'mon, proper kisses only! You know you want to...

C'mon, proper kisses only! You know you want to...

Caw caw! I’m back! Hello humans it’s me, Crow! I’m back for three weeks. Richard has wandered off to think great thoughts and get on with his book, apparently. Personally I think that’s all nonsense; my hunch is he’s just slumped in a chair somewhere sleeping great thoughts… Caw!

Oh and if we’ve not met before, I’m Richard’s handler. He thinks it’s the other way round, but what does he know? I like to help people develop their presentation skills and help them understand more about Ego States. If I squawk, well that’s just me being a friendly sort of bird.

…And if I was on Twitter (which I am sort of, in the big field where I park my beak sometimes) my bio would say; Bird. Fluffy. Fun. Likes to say Caw! Hates pigeons. Tweet me (unless you’re a pigeon).

Oh, caw! I need to write something don’t I…was forgetting that. Well here goes my blog…

We can’t avoid the fact that Christmas is nearly on us and for us birds it’s a fairly miserable time of year….I’m just glad I’m not a turkey, or a goose, or a duck. I mean, why not have half a dozen pigeons instead? They’re so stupid, they’d probably jump into the oven for you…where was I…oh yes my point.

Well my point is that lots of birds do that silly air-beak-kissing thing and squawk ‘happy Christmas’ without much meaning. I find it so annoying and if any pigeons try it on, they’re likely to get knocked out of the tree. Silly birds.

I heard a great word the other day called ‘authentic’ which apparently means ‘expressing yourself honestly and sincerely, without editing’. To me that means wishing love to those birds who you really love (not pigeons of course) and giving my friends and family proper warm hugs and not thin seasonal squeezes. I trust them to know I mean it and they hug me back just as hard, which for a crow in a cold field, is the best thing.

So, if you love someone; tell them. If you’re writing a card, or sending a message, or email, be authentic and share your happy feelings with them, knowing that they will receive them and smile. And none of that silly air-beak stuff either. Proper kisses with feeling, or none at all. Caw!

Right, that’s enough slush…I’m off to annoy some pigeons and see if Richard is dribbling as he ‘thinks’. See you next week for more crow-wisdom. Caw caw!

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