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Three Simple Rules For Success

19 February 2012

A rule of three!

If you’re working on a tricky project, looking for work, striving to build your business, or making personal changes in your life then here are three simple rules for success:

  1. Make your own luck

  2. Trust your intuition

  3. Keep going

1) Luck – sadly many people just get on with things and assume they’ll know what to do, the classic one being job hunting. I’ve worked with many good people who have grumbled that they can’t find any work, and yet they have had no training, read no books or spoken with any professionals (pub mates don’t count). We can make our own luck by getting help, talking to new people, sharing a problem, networking widely, starting a new direction and/or signing up for a training course.

2) Intuition – we can know we want to do and can make good decisions if we learn to trust our intuition. We can ask friends and colleagues to help us generate options and we can then trust our own judgement to choose the one(s) that we feel will work the best for us.

3) Keep going – it takes time to become successful and when we’re thinking of progress often we’re stuck in ‘today’ and would ideally like a quick fix. However it can be smarter to really think about where we would like to be in two years time and make sure we take care of ourselves so that we play a long game. We can achieve life changing things in two years – if we acknowledge that it can take time to make significant steps and we keep going to achieve them.

Those are three cool rules, founded on experience of work and life. Which one do you need to pay most attention too?

 And if you had a fourth rule …what would it be?


(If you’re interested, this post is almost the entire second chapter in my new book – called Bouncing Back – which is currently being written and will be published in the Summer. Other chapters are much longer though!)

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