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Time For Skype Coaching

14 December 2011

Gratutitous beach shot make you feel warm when it's cold outside!

Hello there and first of all apologies for the recent lack of blog posts and for the couple that were sent twice. This is all because my sites have moved server and like all good moves it takes more time to get the codes out of the packing cases than it did to put them in. I’m sure you know how it is.

Websites can be tricky beasts …so best left to experts who have the right kind of panel van to shift them about in.

And of course once they’re in strapped into the van you can’t blog to say that you can’t blog …if you see what I mean!

But hey! There’s only 8 coaching days left to Christmas …and if you want to beat the jammed car parks and sweaty masses then let yourself enjoy a spot of Skype Coaching.

This has all the same meaty nourishment as regular coaching, with added time efficiency and a global reach.

I’m a time-zone friendly person and work to RMT (Richard Mean Time) which is loosely based on Greenwich and flexes to accommodate client needs. Book-writing followers already know I’m a ‘night wol’ (as Winnie the Pooh would say) and so my plan is to span the six corners of the globe. (Who said ambition has to be limited to a measly old four corners?).

Skype coaching is there 24/7! Now there’s no excuse to take your career forwards in 2012 and maybe even include an ILM TA for Leaders course too!

…And if you’re reading this and saying:  ‘Hmmm it’s not like Rich to be so blatantly selling things, and he hardly ever mentions his books either’ then you’re right!

However, last week on our Business Life show on Future Radio (listen live or via the web at 2pm on Thursday) we were talking about selling skills. One of them that didn’t feature on the show is that when you have a new product or service you need to tell people, which is easy to overlook sometimes in the rush to wrap all my Christmas presents (thank you in advance) …haha!

So….two questions for you:

1) When will you be booking some CPD-enhancing Skype coaching in 2012?

2) What new products or services will you be shouting about in 2012?

I’m off to Switzerland in the morning and then Scotland in the afternoon …and no air miles! Eco business and fun too!



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