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The Value Of Helping

17 January 2010

Flickr Creative Commons: credited to Mykl Roventine

Ahoy shipmates! There's pirate gold for helping others!

As I might have mentioned already, I’m currently writing a book about Job Hunting. I need to deliver the manuscript at the end of the month and I still have a small mountain of typing and editing to climb. Yesterday I was intending to rush to the office in order to spend the day completing a chapter about interview skills, when the telephone rang.

A friend’s son needed urgent help and could I write his CV with him? The answer was; yes. I had what he needed and he needed support and encouragement, to help him get back to work.

So, instead of writing my book we spent the afternoon compiling his CV, running through interview questions and generally brushing up his skills. He was very grateful and I felt good too. Not only had I helped someone in need, our conversation had also given me an idea for the chapter I am currenty writing.

A win-win for both of us and it did remind me that we when help people we often get something unexpected in return.

So, if you have some specific knowledge, or a key skill, that could help someone; enjoy sharing it and enjoy the rewards this will bring. Happy helping!

Job Hunting Support

Apart from delivering development workshops and executive coaching, Primary People also works with people to help them learn job hunting skills. Knowing about the 90/90 rule, networking conversations, STAR interview answers, rapport building skills and how to run a campaign can help people to get ahead of the competition. If you know someone who would benefit from support then please ask them to contact me.

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