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Celebrate Yourself!

11 March 2012

Pop your cork this week!

At last I finished my fifth book! I was about to hit the deadline a week ago and found that Microsoft Vista had frozen and lost the last 18 hours of edits. This was not a happy experience, as you might imagine – my elation at almost beating the deadline was replaced with quiet despair that I would now have to find the time and the focus to re-edit the final 60 pages.

The irony was that my book is called Bouncing Back …and at the end of the writing process I now needed to bounce back myself!

I’d like to say it was plain sailing to keep going, but it wasn’t. I’ve written 52,000 words in 6 weeks and was exhausted at the pace and the late nights. My writing time had ended so I needed to juggle editing with clients and a busy diary.

The central theme of the book is simply – keep going.

There’s often no magic to being successful, just the diligent plodding that slowly takes us forwards. To complete my editing I had to keep going.

And I did.

So now I’m happy that the book has been completed and has been sent to the publisher for proofing. I’ll get to edit it again in a few weeks, but at least I’ll be able to catch up on my sleep before then.

Another theme in the book is to celebrate ourselves when we have bounced back. Effort without reward becomes grinding and we all need to give ourselves a pat on the back, dance around the house, or take time out to acknowledge a job well done.

We need to celebrate ourselves!

I’m going to buy a Kindle …and then I’m going to buy my own books first! (And wouldn’t you?) Amazing to think that this technology didn’t exist when the first one was written.

So, well done me!

And well done you too! I’m sure you worked hard over the last six weeks as well. How are you going to celebrate yourself?



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