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Crow Does… Playing

22 August 2010

Crow says: 'Oi! Stop working and go play!'

Crow says: 'Oi! Stop working and go play!'

Hello, I’m Crow and sometimes I turn up at Richard’s workshops, which is fun for me and gets some interesting reactions from people. I like to help humans develop their presentation skills, or challenge some of their thinking styles and if I squawk, well that’s just me being friendly, as I’m a happy sort of bird. Richard is taking a break for three weeks and has asked me to stand in and say something interesting. He claims that he’s in the garden ‘thinking great thoughts’, but personally I think he’s just asleep. Oh well, anyway, here goes my blog…

When did you last have some crowtime? You know, when you skipped off work and took an hour in the bird bath to fluff up your feathers and get rid of all the grit. Well, I ‘spose that as you’re a human you don’t need to keep your feathers in good shape do you? I mean it’s not like you can fly or anything is it?

But I was thinking about what to write this week and then I thought – no – I will go and play for a while. So I’ve sneaked Richard’s copy of ‘The Battle of Britain’ into the dvd player and have decided to avoid any work and will just stop and play today. And I’ve bet the stupid pigeon who lives on the roof that the British will win again! Caw! Pigeons are so ignorant.

So before I go off to watch the film and then collect my winnings I have a question for you:

What will you do to take care of your feathers this week?

How was that? I think I’m getting the hang of this, although my beak can’t take much more pounding on the keyboard for now. Next week I might write about ‘pigeons and why they’re so dumb they sleep in the road’, but then again I might not.

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