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Crow Does… Paddling

5 June 2011

You can paddle too... just avoid the moorhens!

You can paddle too... just avoid the moorhens!

It’s me! Crow! Hello! I was chatting to a moorhen recently, when I was dangling my feet in the lake to cool off on a hot afternoon, and he said that in July there will be 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Fridays. He also said that this only happens once every 823 years. Clearly moorhens don’t get out much…! Caw!

Well now, if I get 5 pigeons and bang their heads together 5 times, they will be just as stupid as any other 5 pigeons. And it will add nothing to the world, except to remind us that pigeons (and moorhens) can’t really be trusted with anything more complicated than a pebble.

Crows, on the other wing, are well known for their smarts. Apparently there’s a famous leader called Barra-caw! Bama and he has one to advise him on Food and Health matters, after the squirrel he had before made free with his nuts.

And if you’re wondering what my point is, it’s this – Go paddling!

Despite the moorhen’s tedious knowledge of the calendar it was great to get my feet wet and wiggle my claws in the cool water. Being a smart crow I know that sometimes you have to ignore the waves of useless information that people throw around, and instead go out and cool your feet. Let your tiny human brains cool down too and just give yourself a chance to relax for a minute.

Oh – there’s a coincidence – my chum has just texted to say he’s blowing up the paddling pool for Mr Bama as we speak. He also said something about an oval orifice, but texting with your beak is tricky, so he may have mis-tapped.

Anyway, my message to you is to stop work and go for a paddle this week. Even if all you can do is soak your feet in a bowl of water. It’s so refreshing – more so if there aren’t any moorhens about.

Right, I have a pigeon to annoy, so I’m off. I’ll be back soon, once Richard needs someone to do the job properly for him, vis a vis the blog! Until then my friends…Caw! Be good!



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