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Crow Does… Giving

29 May 2011

The smart birds know that 'giving to receive' is good business!

The smart birds know that 'giving to receive' is good business!

Caw it’s me! Crow! Richard has page proofs to read for his new book, called How To Keep Your Job, and has retreated to the study, leaving me in charge for two weeks. And me with my beak only just recovered from all the typing last time! But I’m a trouper so I will carry on and won’t mention my pain again. I mean when you have to put up with pigeons, a sore beak is nothing!

Now, here’s a question for you: When did you last help a business colleague for free?

I’m asking because I was recently invited to help a sparrow who was setting up a little boutique, called LBJ’s (Little Brown Jobs, to you and me, that’s bird slang for the hedgerow hoppers) and who just couldn’t afford my rates. Normally, I charge for my time, but remembering that Richard has had my time for free (I taught him all he knows) I thought that it would be public spirited to waive my fees for the greater good of society.

Life has been tough in the tree and even harder for some of the hedgerow types, so it feels right to be magnanimous and offer support to a fellow of the feathered fraternity. And I know that when you put something into the world it tends to repay you.

Ooh ow ow, need to rest for a minute…

…Back now…where was I? Oh yes, giving to receive. Well, it turns out that the sparrow knows a robin, who knows a talented tit who has offered me some free tap dancing lessons! Caw! How cool is that!

I could be the next big winner on Strictly Come Birding! Last year’s winner was a very smooth heron, who could tango like a genius. And when I win…I’m off! And Richard will have to find another bird to carry his bags for him.

But I digress… the point is that sometimes it can pay handsomely to give your expertise as a gift.*

Now…I’m off to LBJ’s to get measured up for some spangly trousers for my dancing! Riverdance here I come! Caw caw! See you next week!


*But not to pigeons. They’re too silly to waste any time on. They still think cheese-cloth is cool. Caw!

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