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Crow Does… Calm

19 December 2010

Happy Christmas and you can watch Brian, if you really must! Caw!

Happy Christmas and you can watch Brian, if you really must! Caw!

Caw caw! It’s me Crow! And by ‘eck it’s reet cold out there! (Caw! I seem to have gone all Northern for a moment; that’s what sitting in a cold tree does to you!) I’m standing in for Richard, who says he’s writing some great book, but I think he’s secretly writing to Santa! Ha! What’s he like, getting me to do all this typing?

…And with my frozen beak too… I should have sub-contracted this gig to a pigeon. They’re too stupid to notice if they whittle away their beak on a keyboard.

Where was I? Oh yes, my thought for the week.

Well, I would say goodwill and peace to all birds, except pigeons. But that’s a bit obvious and since that total cheapskate Richard has spent the entire Christmas card budget on a seasonal video featuring Brian, I don’t have much goodwill to spare. Caw! You can click here to watch it. But personally I wouldn’t bother. Brian is such a poseur in those boots. And so wooden too!

The part should have gone to a bird of course; a crow would have been a good choice. But am I bitter? No. In fact I never talk about it.

Oh yes and before I forget, here’s my thought, which I think will help me to get over the Brian thing:

This week is going to be a busy one, with lots of stress and a busy schedule. Particularly if you’ve got the rookery coming over for lunch. Relatives eh! So I suggest you stop. At least one day this week give yourself 5 minutes off and sit quietly, or perch on a branch, with your eyes closed. Promise me you will?

Take a deep breath and then exhale gently and relax your arms (or wings). Just allow yourself to pause and feel grounded and peaceful.

And as you do this, think of one thing that you did well this year. Or perhaps think of a happy memory, or about some time you spent with a special person. If you want to have a 15 minute break you could do all three!

Relax and be calm and enjoy 5 minutes just for you. Stroke yourself for a year well done.

That’s my thought! Great isn’t it!

Oh and a Very Happy Christmas from me and Richard. Be good!

See you next week and thanks for reading the blog this year! Caw!

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