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You’re Fabulous!

24 January 2016

Did you know that you’re fabulous? You did? Ok, stop reading and go and do a cartwheel of celebration! Oh, you’re not so sure? Then read on.

I work with talented people. I coach them and teach them so they can develop their organisations, make informed decisions and increase their confidence. What connects all my clients is that they are fabulous. Talented, thoughtful, kind, loveable and inspiring, they all challenge me to challenge them to grow and we have fun and do great work together.

My mindset is that we are all fabulous, not because I’ve read that in a glossy Women’s Magazine, after their 10-tips for a New You and before the results of the latest Banana-Biscuit-Brown Ale diet, no no no – I don’t read those magazines. My mindset is thus fixed because after 14 years of being a business coach I’ve met so many people that the only conclusion to this experience is that we are all fabulous. We all have talent. We all have the capacity to walk upright, make tools, speak complex multi-tense based languages and we do amazing things, such as raise children, run a house and resign when our boss turns into a bullying nincompoop. Fabulous comes in many guises and there’s one for you!

So there you go. Tough to find out this way perhaps – but you’re fabulous. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Next week: Shoes Off!


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