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Yes – You Do Have Talent!

6 November 2011

Step up to the mike... and tell us about your talent!

Step up to the mike... and tell us about your talent!

It’s a funny old thing ‘pride’ and the notion that pride is a sin, although designed to promote humility, isn’t helpful in today’s weary world. We need every ounce of grit and spit if we’re going to succeed in our Modern Career.

We need to know that we’re talented.

During the last month I worked with two clients who made the leap from being fed up and run down, to achieving great performance and increasing their happiness.

The secret is that as we talked and considered their tangible achievements they realised for themselves that they are talented people. (Not ‘were’ talented people… they still are talented).

Not boastful either. Just aware that the work they do requires skill and that success isn’t down to luck.

So, this week if you, or a colleague, does well and says ‘oh it was just luck’ stop and think.

It wasn’t luck. It was talent.

We all have real talent and once we admit this to ourselves we can really excel and have a good life. And because so many people don’t do this, we can zoom past them and get good jobs, or make a career change, or follow an ambition.

And I’ve done just that. My new radio show called ‘Business Life’ goes on air at 2pm UK time on Thursday 24th November.

I’ve been practicing hard with my co-host, Julie Bishop, and we have a pacey, fun, informative show that we and Future Radio are all really excited about. It mixes chat with music and a studio guest. (Volunteers take one pace forward). Our 60 minutes whooshes by and we love it.

And we started from knowing nothing about running the desks, producing content, working mics, timing ads and idents… the list goes on. We just had a love for radio and the knowledge that we’re determined, talented people. All the rest is just detail, waiting to be learned.

You can listen live either on 107.8FM in Norwich or through the magic of the worldwide interweb thingy.

And we promise not to play only 80’s music too! (We were told off for that when doing a demo. These young people have no respect!)

Enjoy your week… and enjoy your talent!



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