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Yes – You Can Find Your Voice!

31 October 2011

You don't need batteries to find your voice!

You don't need batteries to find your voice!

Sometimes life or work can spring a surprise on us and for a moment we waver and wonder what to do.

In that long moment of hesitation all sorts of things rush through our head. Fear, worries, uncertainty about the future, what should we do next?

And life is all about ‘moments and turning points’ …an elegant phrase that I wish was mine, but belongs to Alan Robertson, a Cranfield colleague and all-round good chap.

In these tiny bubbles of time we have to think on our feet and remind ourselves that:

1) We’re OK! We are good, worthwhile people at heart.

2) We have a right to be here and a right to decide for ourselves what to do.

3) We have a voice and can use it. We can pause and┬áthink and then we can speak and be heard – we can find our voice.

Last week a friend of mine found her voice and resigned her job, to begin a new life as a consultant.

Last week my colleague found his voice and asked for some help to choose between two exciting job opportunities.

Last week a client practised his presentation skills and his voice moved from monotony to fluidity. He found his selling voice and secured a new job.

Sometimes we want to say things to people, to be heard, to share our feelings and our voice catches in the back of our throat. When this happens, take a deep breath, remember that you’re a worthwhile person and speak out loudly and clearly. Maybe:

…Ask for what you need.
…Share your thoughts.
…Say ‘no thanks’ or ‘not yet’.
…Tell someone how you feel.
…Take that decision.

And enjoy the moment as you find your voice.

When will you be finding your voice this week?



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