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The ‘Ice Cream For Breakfast’ Challenge

22 December 2013

If I offer you ice cream for breakfast will you readily accept? Or will a little voice in your head tell you I’m being foolish and that you should have something sensible instead?

Maybe you don’t like ice cream and would rather have a delicious curry?

You can choose and for the purposes of this piece we will stick with ice cream.

The point is to test how well you really think under pressure because there is nothing wrong with some ice cream and a wafer for breakfast, particularly if you compare it to a bowl of cereals. If you blended each bowl in turn and compared them could you tell the difference?

When we are in business we are under pressure and we have to make good decisions, based on evidence and reasoned judgement. If we make a decision based on what we ‘should’ do then are we really thinking, or are we just thinking that we’re thinking?

Starting your day with ice cream is about thinking clearly – you can have ice cream for breakfast and enjoy your day. Nobody is going to be harmed by eating ice cream, the sky won’t fall in and you might even turn up to work feeling great (having thoughtfully broken the rules and had some fun).

So this week think clearly and don’t listen to the voice in your head ordering you about. Instead your choice is either to have a bowl of ice cream for breakfast one day this week, or offer your partner or children a bowl! How much fun would that be?!! You can have chocolate sprinkles too!!

Clear thinking makes for great business.

Have fun and have a very happy Christmas!

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