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Who Is In Your Tent?

14 January 2013

I am not a camping sort of a person (and famously so), which makes the tent in the title a metaphorical one only. I’ve never really understood why we work hard to secure material comforts, only to sling them away and ‘get back to nature’ under a thin piece of canvas (or it’s modern waterproof, rip-stop nylon equivalent).

The pinnacle of civilisation isn’t the internet, or democracy, or the pneumatic tyre. It’s the en suite bathroom. And when you can buy a tent that comes with it’s own cosy brick built bathroom I shall go camping.

Until then I’m really talking about tents in the team context.

…And the ‘who’ in the title is about the person or people you’re going to need to make your year a success.

Who is going to enable your modern career to grow and develop?

Who is going to introduce you to new people, new ideas and new ways of working?

Who will be making you smile and supporting you?

Who is in your tent?

They might not be in there now. If not, write down the names of your ‘2013 Enablers’ and go and buy them tea and cake. Bring them out of the cold and into the cake shop.

Much more cosy than a tent!


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