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Who Can You Say Hello To?

11 June 2012

Isn’t social media marvellous? You can link up to people from all over the world who can then use the magic of the internet to ignore you at the same time. That is techno-progress on a grand scale and without the benefit of wifi and laptops we’d only be ignored by the neighbours or the milkman.

Now though, we can be ignored by thousands of tech-savvy people who can choose not to talk to us from a smartphone or a laptop, a tablet or a pc.

I tweeted about this the other day and instantly had four replies, picked up three new followers and generated a decent amount of conversation. Being ignored had never been so much fun.

However, one particular friend pointed out that although we all want to be noticed (it’s a basic human need), it is up to us to go and say ‘Hello’ to people. We can be proactive and can start conversations and enjoy being un-ignored!

I took her advice and simply said ‘Hello :-)’ to 10 Twitter followers who I hadn’t chatted to for a while. This lead to six chatty natters, a piece of friendly coaching and an offer to co-author a book.

A brilliant return on an investment of only 10 Hello’s!!

So, this week your task is to say ‘Hello’ to 10 people – and don’t go for your best mates, instead find people in your organisation, business or network who you’ve chatted to before, but not contacted for a while.

It may lead somewhere good and I’ll be staggered if it doesn’t lead to a few smiles and a feel good vibe. And if people feel good about you then that can only benefit your Modern Career!

Go for it!

Hello! (And goodbye for this week)


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