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Who Are You?

25 March 2012

I’m typing this from Heathrow Terminal 3 departure lounge. I’m very tired as I dug through a mountain of work recently and am now all sorted for a spot of world domination. And why not eh!?

I was musing on my way through the check-in process about the question: ‘who am I’ …I mean… am I writer, a coach, a keynote speaker, an international sherry god? All of these most likely! And that’s fine with me.

We are what we say we are because the words we say shape our self talk and vice versa. If we say ‘we’re just a…[insert a role here]…’ then that’s where we put ourselves and that’s where we stay.

Given how tough life can be it makes good sense to ‘Be’ really positive. We can always find ways of enjoying ‘being ourselves’ and of describing ourselves in a good light.

This will make us feel happier, and will lift our horizons.

Currently my horizons are literally global and I say ‘Yay’ to that. The world is a big place and there’s room for all of us to make our mark, have fun and meet new and interesting people.

So as I look around at all the travellers in Terminal 3 I wonder what they might say about themselves.

Change your self talk this week. Be positive. Go global!

We’re all as good as we say we are!

When you read this I will be somewhere en route to Australia and probably asleep. And back in 2009 none of this seemed possible …but if you talk yourself up, life perks up!

So, have fun and be positive.

Oh and do keep an eye out for the #RtWRich hashtag on Twitter. I could be popping up in a time zone near you! Do bring cake!


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