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Where’s Your Beach Hut?

14 May 2012

We have something new in our lives – a beach hut on the sea front at Cromer. It has a door and a window and four walls and that’s it. If you look at it one way it’s a lifeless empty box. However, if you look at it another way, it’s a little fun palace.

It’s now full of toys and chairs and a kettle and mugs and a very smart set of shelves, which I hand built at the weekend. (DIY is not something I get any pleasure from, so seaside shelf building is something of a first, haha).

Sitting on the beach is lovely. Sitting on the beach with a mug of tea is lovelier still. When you don’t have to carry all your gear down from the car park and can just amble down to your beach hut, then life really is super-lovely.

After my DIY heroics (did I mention them?) I enjoyed a mug of tea whilst sitting in front of the rolling, crashing waves and enjoyed a small slice of thinking time under the Sunday-blue sky.
Beach huts are full of potential. For fun, for taking a time-out, for thinking and for just ‘being’.

The world encourages us to run fast and we cram it with emails and tweets and calls and more work. We all need to stop and listen to the waves sometimes and give our brains a chance to free-wheel.

We have a beach hut now to encourage this, a friend has a thoughtful spot where they pause and take stock of the world and a colleague goes fishing to get away from the madness.

So, where is your ‘beach hut’? Where will you go this week to get away from your emails, drink tea and enjoy some quiet thinking time?

Think about it…


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