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What Would You Say To Your Younger Self?

4 August 2014

The inspiration for this post appeared when I was chatting to a colleague about how my career seems to have fallen into two halves. The first half was me working in factories, as a planner, organising production and having their job made redundant several times, because they were an easy target in times of change or austerity. I also have to account for the fact that as a driver of change myself I used to drive my bosses mad with ideas on how they could improve their business. More than once I was right and managed to say so, loudly enough to be an extreme irritant to those in charge, so perhaps I made myself an easy target…

…And I’m so glad I kept losing my job (five times at the last count, a number I’m quite proud of) because without a push I may not have ended up where I am today. Currently I’m 11 years into working for myself and haven’t been tempted to sack myself once. I love me! I’m a great boss and a super employee!!

My former experiences have all added up into useful material for books, lecturing stories and coaching perspectives – nothing is wasted and all experience has value! You perhaps needs the benefit of hindsight to see it.

So, to my younger self I say this:

‘Richard, you were not silly, stupid or lazy. Your ideas were good ones and at the time you lacked the skills to deliver them coherently and safely. It turns out you were in the right environment and in the wrong job. As a business coach you will be hired for the very thoughtfulness and creativity that you were criticised for in your PAYE roles. So stick with it kid, you’re Ok and it turns out well for you in the end! You’re great!!!’

It’s healthy to account for our journey and that at all times we are Ok – we have skills, we can think and make changes …and above all, we have a right to be here. Instead of thinking the first half of my career was a write-off, I now see it as an essential training ground for the me I am today. And I would not swap that me for anything!

What would you like to say to your younger self?

How can you account for the goodness you have and the talented person that you are now and always were?

Go for it!

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