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What Have You Done Well?

12 April 2012

Here I am again in an airport departure lounge, this time in Vancouver.

Heading home in an hour, to complete the final leg of my round the world trip. It has been amazing and I can’t wait to do it all again.

Yesterday I was on the Fanny Kiefer show on Canadian TV to promote ‘How To Keep Your Job’ and if you search YouTube for the 11th April episode you’ll see me for 15mins having fun.

The actress who was guesting before had her PR and her mum there. The latter produced a pot of green goo to drink, some ‘healthy’ tablets and an orange, which she hand fed to Miss Precious.

My PR, Kim, was doing child care at home, so I had to pour my own water! Can you believe it! Oh the shame…. *hangs head*

TV was fun though and do give it a try if the opportunity presents itself. The make up was ace…perked up my tired skin a treat…give it a go guys! Hahaha.

I practiced for my slot, gargled with warm water to ease my throat and thought about my stories, so in the moment it all came good and I looked really professional.

I did well. Hooray for me, another win! So… what have you done well this week? Have a think and award yourself a smile, a latte, or a choccy biscuit.

And I need to say thanks to the people who have made this trip work so well.

UK crew – Beck, Lucy, Theodore, Oscar and Harvey and also Julie for holding the fort at Future Radio

Australia crew – Kevin, Monique, Erin, Rachel, Kerry and Jacob

Canada crew – Kim, Julie, Sam, Meghan and Lauren

All these people have done something – whether sorting tickets, booking hotels, collecting me from the airport, going fishing, flying in tiny planes, or just making me feel welcome.

I like being Round-the-World-Rich and I will do more of it. For now I would like all the people above to take a bow and be celebrated, because they’ve done well over the last three weeks.

Thank you teams for making this production possible.

See you again soon!


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