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We Can Find Our Voice

12 July 2015

Now don’t be alarmed, but I have learned to sing a bit. Just a bit. I can follow a few chords and when playing in the right pitch you could be forgiven for thinking that Sir Elton John is in the room. Except Elton can’t (to my knowledge) play the ukulele. Who has the talent now eh!?

It has taken me a while to follow notes with my voice and to build up my confidence to sing little songs to people. Yet the more I do it the more I enjoy it and the stronger my singing voice gets. (I started singing to the swans on the river at the end of my garden and they didn’t seem to mind, so I took that as permission to carry on).

We can all find our voice (without singing) and can clearly state what is on our mind and what we would like to happen. A good phrase to use is this…

‘When you say/do [insert frustration] then I feel [insert genuine emotion] and so I would like to discuss what we can do differently. What I would like is to [insert options]. Thank you for listening. What’s your thinking here?’

Powerful, clear and to the point. We can use a set piece phrase to find our voice and get our needs met.

So, this week have fun either speaking up, or singing to any passing swans you may come across.

Next week: Ask Them To Summarise


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