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Valuing Ourselves

13 March 2016

Ever felt a bit of a fraud in business? If so, you’re in good company as this tends to happen to most people at one time, myself included.

Perhaps it feels threatening to be in business for the first time, or to have been promoted, or to be launching a new career after significant retraining.

When we feel that we lack confidence it’s often because we have forgotten who we are, what we can do and what experience we have. In the rush to go about our daily lives it’s too easy to sit in the moment and fret, instead of remembering that we’ve already completed ten years of training, or have three years of life experience to draw on.

The only frauds in business are those people who are either genuinely misrepresenting themselves, or those who are trying to steal our money. If we’re not in either camp then we are a good citizen, simply going about our work in the best way we know.

That’s ok!

We are allowed to be new in post, we are allowed to make a start and, perhaps most important of all, we are allowed to learn.

So the next time you feel a fraud, take a moment to write down your skills, your experience and your qualifications. You’ll be amazed at just how professional you really are! (I did and I was).

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