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Valuing Our Archive

12 October 2014

It is tempting to create a bow wave of activity as we build our business and forge ahead with both eyes fixed firmly on the future. We produce new products, set up new services and write wonderful documents and reports. Our previous work is consigned to the filing cabinet of history, or is tucked quietly into the eaves and left to gather dust.

This doesn’t have to be the case!

Instead we can value our archive and can take a fresh look at the resources our business has locked up within it. We can open files, peer into the filing cabinet and browse a hard drive here and a pad of paper there. What riches might we find? What items are waiting to be rediscovered, so that they can be repackaged and resold to a new audience?

It’s likely that we will have forgotten just how good our previous work was and overlooked old courses, hand-outs, booklets, marketing materials and sample products.

This week our task is to spend time looking through our archives and see what we can make use of, so that we can leverage new value from the time we spent creating things in the past. Recently I discovered a batch of handouts that I had forgotten and used them for a leadership workshop I was running. This prompted me to look more closely at my archive and I found several useful resources that I had completey forgotten about.

If you would like a lucky dip into my archive then email me this week via with the words Lucky Dip Please in the subject line and I will send you a handout, to do with leadership, business, time management….or a related subject.

I’m having fun valuing my archive. What will you find in yours?

Next week: Presentation Top Tips

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