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Value Your Time

29 May 2016

When we’re selling our services we can find it difficult to move from a general business pitch to a specific conversation about money. People can feel shy at having to put a cost to their expertise and if we can’t talk about money then we can’t close a sale.

The way I’ve learned to do it is very simple. Once I’ve had a discussion with a client and feel there is a possibility of making a sale I pause and say…

‘And I do value my time, so am happy to discuss costs.’

Clients invariably reply…

‘Yes of course, I expected that …how much do you charge?’

‘Well, my corporate rate is XYZ (insert your own number here).’

If they are a private client they often gasp a bit at my rates, but I’m worth the money and am an excellent and skilful business coach. However, because I’ve named a high price I can now come down to something more appropriate for private work. This new and lower number feels like great value, given I’ve just apparently offered them a huge discount and often they agree to it without further question.

And why should they? It’s a fair price for my skills, honed over 20 years of professional life.

Clients want us to value ourselves, because in doing so it reassures them they are being taken seriously and that we will value our time together. 

So, this week please value yourself and your time!

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