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Useful Business Quotation

25 November 2012

Last week I needed to write something for my speaker’s Agency. They wanted a ‘quote’ from me to underline just why I am a motivational speaker who knows his stuff!

I started to write little one-liners about how good leaders are created, not born …and although they were okay, they seemed to lack something.

The world of social media is full of pithy sayings, quotations and bite sized messages. Most them ought to be white-washed from the ether for being either a) insincere, or b) naff.

Here’s an example:

“There’s no I in team.”

That particular one makes me grimace. A good team is full of ‘I’s’ and celebrates individual talent. A good team allows people to play to their strengths and find their niche. A good team has many potential leaders, who can each contribute and show the way in a different situation. I’d prefer to say:

“A team without any I’s is blind.”

(I think my pun is better).

After much scribbling and crossing out I realised that my own attempt at an aphorism lacked heart. For these things to make sense they need to convey something of the writer’s own character and reflect their own life, and not just be a set of words that attempt to sound groovy, but just grate on the ear.

I thought about what I’ve learned, what I cherish and what I need to keep in mind for me. If it’s my quotation then it needs to be relevant to me. After much pen chewing I had it. I edited it back a bit and here’s what I emailed over to my colleague:

“Good business is built on humility, thoughtfulness and the grit of determination.”

I like that. I need to remain humble and own my mistakes and recognise when I need support. Without time to think I could overlook opportunities or be heading in the wrong direction. And business doesn’t make itself …I have to keep pushing it forwards.

I’m now rather fond of my quote and enjoyed the exercise of creating it.

So, this week have a go at writing your own little business quotation. And please share it with me …I’m always keen to learn something! Have fun!


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