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Up The Mountain Down

30 December 2018

The end is nigh! Well the end of 2018 anyway. I tend to think each year is like climbing a mountain.

We spend weeks slogging up the craggy sides, dodging round boulders and keeping alert for rock falls. Then we summit for a couple of days at Christmas time, hang around enjoying the view for a week and somehow zipline right down to the bottom again on December 31st.

The new year brings a new mountain to climb and we start all over again.

Business is always there ahead of us. Waiting for us to go and explore it and to seize opportunities.

Like climbing a mountain we need to be prepared for opportunities before they arise, so that we can grab them when they appear.

Maybe it’s time for us to launch a new product? Buy a new piece of equipment? Or hire someone to give us extra capacity?

If we make a change then we are preparing ourselves for success. The order goes to the person who is ready now, not the person who might be ready in six months time.

So this year as we ponder 2018 and prepare to strap on our crampons and sling our rucksacks on our back, we can decide what is one change we will make to our business?

What are we going to do to make 2019 a year of growth?

Success in business is about being prepared for opportunities before they arise and we can all be proactive here.

Whatever your 2018 brought you I wish you a peaceful transition to 2019 and a safe path up the mountain ahead.

Next week: Due Diligence


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