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Time To Plan

7 September 2014

When the new school term starts and our Summer shorts edge towards going back into the drawer, it’s a good opportunity to stop.

Stopping is good.

Stopping is healthy.

Stopping creates space to think.

We can stop working for a while…maybe for an hour, maybe for an afternoon.

We can stop and take time to think about the next six months – take time to plan for the business outcomes we would like to achieve.

In the great rush to put the Summer behind us and get into an Autumn rhythm we can easily forget to take time to plan and instead plough headlong into a busy few months, which are productive and yet lacking in direction.

So, this week, take time to plan for the short term and think about what needs to be started, or what needs to reach a milestone over the next six months. What’s the most important thing to focus on between now and the end February?

Planning is great. We can always change a plan en route …that’s ok too!

Next week: Map It


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