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Time For Treats

20 April 2014

Easter is upon us, so a very happy Easter to you! Great to see the days stretching out a bit and the dark winter evenings scuttling away back into Mother Nature’s cupboard.

People at this time of year buy chocolate eggs and cards and small gifts for friends and loved ones, and it is always lovely to remember other people and put good wishes into the world.

And where does that leave us? We work hard, run our business, manage the family finances, keep the children fed and watered, smile at our distant boss, pay the bills and battle the whims and demands of modern society.

So, which chocolate egg did you buy for yourself this year? Or, if not an egg, what other treat did you indulge yourself with? A small sherry perhaps? An afternoon curled up with a favourite book? A cake-up? (Tweeters who meet call time spent with real people in the real world a tweet-up, so being a cake fiend I have single-handedly invented the cake-up. It is both social and delicious).

The point here, from a business angle, is that we all need energy for work and that if we continue to work on and on without a break then our performance starts to dip. We think we are being productive, when in fact we are only thinking that we are productive, without actually being productive. Taking a break for a treat gives us time to recharge our batteries and allows our subconscious mind valuable off-line processing space to sort information and create new patterns of thinking.

Happy people make for successful businesses, so this week take time for treats and make sure you get your fair share of chocolate!

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