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The Sub-Optimisation Con

27 July 2014

This week there is a simple idea for us to think about. The idea is this:

…Do we always get the best from the people who work with us, or do we give them work they are not ideally suited to and then get frustrated with them, when they fail to do it well?

Are you thinking?

It’s tempting to employ a person for task A and then to get fed up when they can’t really do task B. We sub-optimise their potential output, by giving them things that simply are not a strength for them.

And then we vent steam by telling someone that so-and-so isn’t really up to the job!

What a con! They were up to it on day one! We have sub-optimised their performance!

So, this week, the next time we criticise someone, think about if we are really being fair with them? Or if should we organise their workload so that we optimise their performance?

Next week: What Would You Say To Your Younger Self?


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