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The Record Shop Story

17 December 2017

Remember records? Lovely round things with grooves in (for our younger readers) and, although they could be scratched, the sound could be clear and bright and their covers were often works of art.

Records are making a come back, with sales continuing to rise each year.

Downloads are convenient, but lack the romance of cleaning a disc and placing it gently on the turntable. Maybe in 50 years time people will feel nostalgic for downloads, once music is beamed directly into our brain from an app implant. Or maybe records will have edged out new tech. You decide!

Browsing in a record shop two weeks ago I was surprised how busy it was. A constant stream of people flowed in and surfed the racks, cooing when they found an old favourite. Rather a plesant shopping experience really.

However, what most impressed me was the attitude of the owner. Every question was answered in a cheery and positive way. Orders were taken and advice offered and the atmosphere was warm and cordial. Genuine warmth, not an Apple type hipster smiling at the thought of you spending £500 on the lastest iPodPadTabTub.

What inspired me to share this story was that for every purchase made the owner thanked the customer with a big smile. 

‘Thank you so much for choosing Off The Beaten Tracks’ he said, with a happy twinkle in his eye.

Real affection for his shop and appreciation for the people using it. Eye contact and a smile …great customer service!

It made a pleasant change from the robo-thanks that we so often get and it was lovely to hear and see. 

So this week we can take a moment to think how often and how genuine our thanks are towards our customers. Are we ‘robotic’ or ‘relishing’ towards our customers?

Lacking a record player myself I did invest in a CD and maybe I will return to vinyl one day. It seems a friendly club worth joining!

Next week: Happy Being Festive


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