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The Joy Of Tech!

1 June 2014

Finally I have succumbed to the sleek design curves and purchased an iPad Air which means that I now have a set of Microsoft, Blackberry and Apple. A net book and smartphone and a tablet and all playing their part in supporting me to run a successful business and each able to collect and sort email, open documents and add value to colleagues and clients.

It is tempting to dismiss tech as a fad, or a marketing con to get us to buy the latest must-have go-faster wonder product and yet there are some great bits of kit out there which genuinely improve our productivity. It took me a while to see how an iPad would help me and I use it mainly for blogging, emailing and taking notes on Microsoft’s excellent OneNote app, which gives you a free day book and note taking device that syncs seamlessly between Apple and my trusty Sony netbook.

The other thing about an iPad is that to my knowledge it is the only device which can work Google, Apple and Microsoft apps in the same place. I’m not a big Apple fan and yet from a business perspective need to make sensible decisions that improve productivity and increase my ability to make use of ‘edge time’ (which are those little pockets of time we have between meetings and when waiting for our next client).

The other great thing about a tablet device is that you can watch TV whilst sunbathing in the garden……but that’s a whole other story….we can all make tech dance to our tune!

So, this week have a think about technology and what you could do differently to improve your productivity or to have more fun in the sun! What little bit of kit could make a difference to your day?

Next week: The Power of Silence

PS if you have an iPad the best keyboard is the Apple Bluetooth one as it supports auto capitalisation and auto full stops, which sounds like a small point, but makes a big difference when typing a lot of emails. And of course a tablet plus a keyboard becomes a tiny and very useful laptop type device.


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