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The Joy Of Sadness

8 June 2020

We are living in sad times. We have stress and uncertainty and no road map to guide us.

And as adults we all carry sadness with us. We have had a childhood, which may have had sad elements. We may have experienced heartbreak, or had to deal with tough situations. All of these things leave behind their imprint on us.

It’s too easy to bottle things up and not properly deal with them. Sometimes life gives us no choice, as we have to carry on, earn money and feed our families.

Years can pass and the sadness we carry can weigh us down. We forget we are even carrying it and don’t stop to notice how heavy our load is.

Business right now is full of sadness, we have to make changes and adapt, and in doing so may experience a sense of loss for what went before. We might show the world a confident and smiley face, whilst hiding our inner sadness.

If we are to survive and prosper then it’s okay to find a way to deal with our load. If we can put down our burden then we have more energy to face what’s ahead of us. It’s like paying down a credit card to reduce the interest payments, which many people would consider a sensible thing to do.

It’s the same with our mental health. We can pay down some of our debt of sadness and free up space in our head.

Being honest with ourselves about our feelings is a good start. We can find trusted friends and share with them and they will listen to us.

Maybe we can write an ‘unsent letter’ …scribble down our thoughts and feelings so that we transfer them from our head to a piece of paper. No need to edit, or be neat, we can write in a rush. Once done, we can happily shred the paper and enjoy the satisfaction of disposing of some our debt.

I have shared. I have written and shredded! The joy of sadness has been that in sharing, my friends have been supportive and it’s been a wonderful experience to put down some of my burden and feel their compassion.

The paradox here is that there is joy in being real and being honest.

This week, we can take time to reflect on what’s going on for us inside. Sharing is healthy and if you’re stuck for someone to share with then please get in touch and I will listen.

Next week: Food For Thought


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