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The Joy Of…

7 August 2011

Amazing what you can achieve after a couple of hours of weeding...

Amazing what you can achieve after a couple of hours of weeding...

…Small things. I was weeding over the weekend, which is something I rarely do, as I am to gardening what Katie Price is to self-effacing modesty. However, a patch of gravel next to what we laughingly call ‘the lawn’ needed a good tidy up and all the little weeds tugged out. At first I was cursing at the mind numbing repetition and then, to my surprise, I was smiling at the mind numbing repetition.

Each little plant pulled free and parked in the bag was a tiny step towards a tidier garden and I found myself enjoying the absolute simplicity of the task. No tools, no thinking and no skill was required and for a happy couple of hours I sat quietly (on a squashy old rugby ball) and happily weeded away.

It’s tempting to find joy only in the expensive or complicated things in life, such as buying an iPad, dining in a restaurant, or booking a holiday to¬†a tropical¬†island. Whilst these things are undoubtedly nice they are only small fragments of our life and so if we want a rich existence it really pays to find joy in the everyday, the mundane and the stress-free.

What small things can you find joy in this week?

And who wouldn’t swap weeding for a week in Bali?

Ok, don’t answer that, but you get my point. Finding joy in little things lifts our hearts and helps to power us through the busy working week.

And of course, small things all add up!



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