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The Happy Romanian

12 January 2020

Somewhere, out in the galaxy, there are 6 books, written by me and based on 30 years of experience. Online, in good bookshops, in second hand bookshops, on people’s shelves and so on. They are…

1. My Boss is a Bastard …about how to survive a miserable time at work. It’s pithy, it’s fun and it’s useful.

2. Leave the Bastards Behind …about how to set ourselves up in business. Overcome sales and marketing scares with this easy guide. It also makes finance more understandable too.

3. Job Hunting 3.0 …everything we need to know to get a job (including a handy chapter about how to thrive in an assessment centre, which is something people often forget to learn about).

4. How to Keep Your Job …tips and insights to thrive at work. Find out how good your organisational effectiveness is and what you can do to enhance your performance.

5. Bouncing Back …how to keep your chin up, find energy and be resilient in the face of career adversity.

6. Riding the Rocket …the thinking person’s guide to their modern career. Great for people who are a bit stuck, or need guidance and won’t listen to mum and dad!

The books are great and I’m proud of the ideas and practical tips I’ve put into them. It’s amazing to see how they all travel through the outer reaches of the universe and land in front of people who need them.

And in case you’re thinking, oh Richard that’s a sneaky self book plug you’re doing here, well you’d be right. Except it’s blatant, rather than sneaky!

The reason is simple. We all forget what we have achieved. Our busy lives push us forwards and we can overlook our successes and what we have put into the world.

We can all celebrate ourselves from time to time, we can all toot a tune on our own trumpet of success.

I was reminded of my own success through LinkedIn last week, when a contact wrote to say thank you. She was so pleased that three of the books had crossed her path, helped her to get back on track and sort out her career. She was a happy Romanian!

I reposted her comments, with grateful thanks, and this was picked up by another 180 people. A lovely thank you, from her to me, that was shared widely. Perhaps encouraging other people to take care of themselves.

Such is the joy of the social media world, promoting good things and reaching people who need support.

I don’t mind if people don’t buy my books, I always say that, because I hope that people buy at least one book (any book) that speaks to them. There are millions out there and all books can have value to at least one person.

It’s also great to acknowledge thanks when we get it. Modesty has a place in the world and yet if we are too self-effacing then we can miss an opportunity to support other people.

Books are great and we can all find one or two to help us become a happy Romanian! (As we say on the radio, other nationalities are available).

Have fun this week and enjoy all the hearty thanks that land in your direction!

Next week: Measure Me Stupid!


Click cover to view details on Amazon


Riding the Rocket

How to manage your Modern Career

Published 2013 Marshall Cavendish



Bouncing Back

How to get going again after a career setback

Published 2012 Marshall Cavendish



How to Keep Your Job

Brilliant ways to increase performance, stay employed and keep the money rolling in

Published 2011 Marshall Cavendish



Job Hunting 3.0

Secrets and skills to sell yourself effectively in the Modern Age

Published 2010 Marshall Cavendish



Leave the Bastards Behind

An insider's guide to working for yourself

Published 2007 Cyan Books and Marshall Cavendish



My Boss is a Bastard

Surviving turmoil at work

Published 2006 Cyan Books and Marshall Cavendish


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