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The Essential Brand Building Question

19 November 2012

I’ve been honing my website, as is required when you’re in the writing and speaking game. Hence the lack of a blog last week. Honing is hard work and I’m all sorted now – and have transformed into an Amazing World of Rich. I love it!

Mind you, it’s hard isn’t it, to write less!

How good are you at distilling the essence of what you do into a couple of finely tuned sentences? How much time do you spend refining exactly what makes your products or services better?

These are questions I was asked at a meeting last week, whilst scribbling notes with one hand, typing a new speaker biog for the agency’s catalogue with another, and sipping tea with a third. (It was that kind of a day).

We threw words around for a while, trying to get to the core of being Rich. And then the sales director fixed me with a look and said:

‘Richard, these are things that everyone does. They’re ok…but tell me, what do you do BETTER?’

What a great question! Maybe the best business question I’ve heard all year. A question that puts ‘Would you like some cake?’ firmly into second place.

We all do similar things, so trying to be clever can tie us into knots when thinking up that killer phrase. However, differentiation, that elixir of business success, simply requires us to notice the key points of difference, rather than trying to think of a new name for the wheel.

So, what I do better, in combination is:

Coaching, writing, speaking, broadcasting – safe, ethical and highly creative. An expert in Physis, I’m the only person I know who blends Transactional Analysis with Lean thinking and Organisational Impact Scores.

As Carly Simon sang: ‘Nobody does it better….baby you’re the best!’

So, this week – tell me what you’re better at? What makes you best, baby?!


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