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The Best Interview Question In The World?

3 March 2013

Chatting to a very senior consultant the other day, he revealed that when interviewing candidates, he asks one question.

Just one.

Then he sits back and listens.

Sometimes, when a candidate struggles and falls silent, he says:

“Tell me more about that…”

And sometimes when a candidate falls silent, he says:

“This is a big role you’ve applied for. I need to be convinced you really want it. How do you think you’re doing so far?”

Clearly this raises a candidate’s pressure considerably. However, they’ve applied for a senior post, so why not expect great things from them?

His ‘one question’ is brilliant. When you read the question, imagine you had been asked it. What are the things you could talk about? How much depth could you go into? How would you impress him?

It’s a brilliant question and perhaps the greatest interview question of all time. Ever.

The question is this:

“How have you prepared for this interview?”

Think about it….


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