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Taking Good Care

3 May 2015

It’s so easy to write to someone and at the end of our missive invite them to ‘take care’ that we can forget this sentiment is more than just a bit of polite social ritual.

Taking care means just that – spending time to make sure we are healthy and hearty and not simply paying lip service to our health, as we tip another latte past our tired brains.

So, what do we need to take care of?

Diet – cut down on the calories. Research increasingly shows it doesn’t really matter what we eat, as long as over time we haveĀ all theĀ vitamins we need. What counts are calories – eat less to lose weight. Also, for men, there is an increasing move away from BMI as a health indicator and the more simpler ‘waist over hips’ measure. This means us men need to be more parallel in shape and less ‘beer barrel on stilts.’

Stress – we can think about how our time is organised and if we are giving ourselves the occasional time-out to relax for a couple of hours. A two hour hobby-break on a Sunday can be the tonic we need to recharge our batteries. There is always time to take a small break, even if we struggle to take whole days off. Something is always better than nothing!

Sleep – get some.

We are responsible to ourselves and we need to be kind and thoughtful in how we plan our days. We have the one life, so we really need to take good care. The next time we write to someone and invite them to take care, pause and think about what we can do differently.

We can make a change and put our health and well-being at the top of our to-do list. What will you change?

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