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Take Care

12 February 2013

This post is late (and happily so) because I was taking care of myself and instead of squeezing out an extra hour of work I went to bed.

Nothing remarkable in that perhaps, except that bedtime in this case was 6am and no sooner had my head touched the pillow than the alarm went off. Time to get up! Er no. Not for me – I slept on.

I could have pushed myself that little bit harder and written a blog post so that it went out in time for a Monday delivery, but I decided that bed was better. I’d already been writing through the night as part of my schedule for Book 6 (which is due in March 1st), and knew that it was time to hang up my quill and let my brain cool down.

The book is called Riding the Rocket and is all about managing our Modern Career, which is a subject that I’m truly passionate about, hence the late nights. We all have careers and we can all be proactive and make them what we want them to be.

Part of that means taking care of ourselves, so the question to you this week is this:

What is one thing that you will do in the next 48hrs to take of yourself?

…Have a think and then do something!

Oh and by way of a tiny celebration – my book My Boss is a Bastard is (at the time of writing) at No.9,789 in the Amazon Uk charts!! Sub 10k is amazing for a book that’s now 10yrs old! I’m so pleased 🙂


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Riding the Rocket

How to manage your Modern Career

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My Boss is a Bastard

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Published 2006 Cyan Books and Marshall Cavendish


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