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Take A Photo

23 November 2014

We write notes in meetings, we draw up action lists and we compile bullet points of pithy information and yet how often do we take a picture?

A photo of the team smiling after a job well done?

A picture of the new office we have just lovingly reorganised?

A snapshot of the physical improvements we have made in our organisation?

…Pause and think for a moment. When was the last time you put up a picture on your staff notice board of you and a happy client, or a colleague who has done well?

I’ve been aware that thanks to my iPad and OneNote combination I’m now enjoying writing client notes and adding photos to them too. This seems such a simple thing and yet it is great to see a smiling group of people who have worked hard. Adding photos also saves writing time as a picture is often ‘worth a 1,000 words’ as the old saying has it, or maybe ‘a picture saves 25 bullet points’ as we could say now.

This week take a snap. Celebrate someone. Take a moment to capture a great scene. Take a photo!

Next week: My crazy day!


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