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Take A Break

12 June 2016

In a coaching conversation the work happens in the silence. What this means is that the coachee thinks when the conversation lulls and its in those moments when they make new decisions for themselves.

Our brains fizz and whirl all day and when we are busy in our business we often don’t have time to let ourselves process thoughts. We just bounce from problem to decision and juggle a million thoughts at the same time.

Breaks are work. Taking a break means being productive. Giving ourselves a break means that we are giving ourselves time to think clearly. I’m sure nobody would run a race horse for 8 hours solid and expect it to continue to perform at any sort of level, so why should we be any different?

Just because we can’t see our brain doesn’t mean that we can’t take care of it. Give it space to cool down. Give it a break from cramming in more information. 

So, this week take a break each day. Thinking is always work. And the break is often where the best work happens!

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