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Summer Cashflow Sense

24 July 2016

Hooray the summer is here …oh here comes a cloud, no wait, it’s back again, nope gone! So it is with the Great British Summer …it has a mind of its own, like an unreliable teenager, who refuses to do our bidding. Business however, rolls on whatever the sun is doing, which can be a problem over the warmer months. People take holidays, which is fine when the people in question are us, but less so when it’s the accounts department of a key customer, who then don’t pay us on time. 

Summer holidays cause over-work for the rest of us not on a beach, and things can be delayed, or missed, or muddled up. So therefore, it makes good sense for us to review our cashflow forecast over the warmer weeks and make sure we have a buffer in place, or at least know who to chase and when to do it. 

Even though our business might slow down a bit over the holiday period, it’s likely that our payroll won’t …which can put undue pressure on available cash if we don’t manage it proactively. 

So, this week we can fix a meeting with our corporate piggy bank and see how it’s doing!

Next week: Practical Performance Measurement 


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