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Stern Parking For Beginners

3 September 2017

If you know boats you’ll know the title should be stern mooring. If you don’t know boats, like me, then parking is good enough. In essence stern parking is like trying to reverse neatly into a space at the supermarket …in the snow.

You have no real control over the boat if the wind takes the bow and it’s super scary in a tight space, with plenty of other boats to bump into. Oh, I should mention that I have a boat. 

Boats are fun and being on the water is like visiting a secret world that can only be accessed if you’re able to float. A gentle cruise on a sunny day is rather a lovely way to spend a weekend …right up to the point when you have to park it once you’re back at your home berth.

The trick to parking is to take it slow and steady. Allow yourself to stop dead in the water and see what the wind is doing and make gentle slow turns. Don’t be afraid to bump into something (fenders are there to be used) and have a friend with you to sort the ropes and provide encouragement. 

It’s a good metaphor for business …slow and steady wins the day and we all take a few knocks along the way. However, we have to learn from these and make little changes so that our performance keeps on improving.

It’s also tough be totally on our own in business and so we can find a friend to support us.

My biggest lesson in terms of boat parking, or business management, is that encouragement from a trusted ally really helps to nurture us and build our confidence. 

So this week think about …who is your bigggest supporter and when will you be chatting to them next? What words of encouragement would you like to hear from them?

Business and parking is rarely easy, or straightforward, but we can manage to do both if we make sure we have the right support.

Happy stern parking!

Next week: Sales Pacing


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