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Snowy Thinking Time

21 January 2013

We have snow today, or to be precise, more snow today. The schools are shut again and the roads are slippery. Luckily I have a writing day today, so wasn’t going anywhere, but I decided that the snow would have made me an hour late if I had been going somewhere, so I stayed in bed for an extra hour in order to delay my arrival in the study.

Good thinking eh!?

I wasn’t idle though, oh no, I didn’t want to waste my hour, so I did some thinking. I thought about the preface of the book I’m starting today and then I thought about an assignment I have to set for my delegates next month.

It was hard work, but I rose to the challenge. I could have leapt out of bed and found work to do, but no, I bravely and doggedly stayed put in the warm and exercised the old grey matter.

Thinking is essential and yet many of us crash through life at high speed, flitting from one task to the next. It’s important to pause sometimes and let our thoughts form a puddle in our heads.

I’ve always found that an hour spent thinking increases my productivity for the next few hours spent writing and so this morning, thanks to the snow, I took advantage in the theoretical slow drive to work and had quality thinking time.

When will you pause this week and find some thinking time for yourself?


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